Does Your Home Smell Like a Sewer?

Does Your Home Smell Like a Sewer?

You may need plumbing repairs under your Greenville, Greer or Lyman, SC home

Do you have a room in your home where there's a persistent, unpleasant odor? The experts at Thompson Plumbing & Services LLC know it may be more than an untrained pet or someone's stinky laundry. A persistent odor in your home may be a sign of a damaged or clogged sewer line. As unpleasant as it may be to confront, sewer damage is not something to ignore.

These are the signs that you may need a sewer line replacement:

  • Foul sewer gas odor
  • Unexplained mold growth
  • Slow drains
  • Very green patches of grass
  • Random indentions in your lawn
  • Foundation cracks

If you've noticed these things, don't ignore them anymore. Call your plumber at 864-230-1879 and discuss what plumbing repairs you may need in the Lyman and Greer, SC area.

Don't risk a burst sewer pipe

If you think you may need a sewer line replacement, don't put it off. Even less-extensive plumbing repairs should not be ignored. Damaged pipes can cause extensive property damage and pose health risks to you and your family.

The team at Thompson Plumbing & Services can reroute and realign your pipes to prevent damage. If you're remodeling, let a professional look at your pipes before you attempt any plumbing work. If you just suspect a problem, let our team take a look. Older pipes that haven't been maintained should be checked before a major problem occurs.

Schedule any necessary plumbing repairs right away in Greenville, Greer or Lyman, SC.