Get Brand-New Plumbing For Your Home

Get Brand-New Plumbing For Your Home

Rely on us for repiping services in Greenville, Lyman & Greer, SC

When your pipes are worn and damaged, it's time to make an appointment for repiping services in the Lyman and Greenville, South Carolina area. Thompson Plumbing & Services LLC mainly works in residential properties, but we can also repipe commercial facilities.

We can replace a variety of pipes, including PEX, copper and PVC. A plumber will inspect your plumbing and suggest which material would be best for your home. Call 864-230-1879 now if you need repiping done in your house in Lyman and Greenville, South Carolina. We also work in the surrounding cities.

Signs you need repiping services

You don't always have to guess if you need repiping services-there are some telling signs that you need to call us right away. Make an appointment ASAP if:

  • Your water has an unusual color or taste
  • Your pipes are rusty or cracked
  • You're dealing with chronically low water pressure

You should especially consider repiping your house if it's old. The longer you wait to call us, the worse your pipes will get. Plus, more costly issues will arise. We'll replace your pipes quickly so you won't have to worry about additional plumbing issues.